Building Momentum for The Arts of March!, Sunday 15 March 2020

  • To put a spotlight on the inhumane working conditions that creative professionals and artists are faced with.
  • To message the President of South Africa on Points of Action regarding the creative industry and the arts community.
  • To challenge the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture to invest in building a thriving and healthy creative sector. 
  • To give South Africans an opportunity to see the benefits of the arts in our communities. 

Theme: #ArtistsLivesMatter 

15 March 2020 : Day of Action!

On the 15th of March 2020 artists will present a peaceful, nationwide creative protest with performances popping up all over South Africa’s cities, villages and towns. 

Please use the @Im4theArts public Facebook group and #Im4theArts hashtag as a way of connecting with artists in your area to organise performances that will attract, entertain and inspire audiences! 

Let’s show South Africans the depth and breadth of our talents, demonstrating the importance of artists and the arts in shaping society.

Tips for organising:

  • Choose free venues that are accessible and friendly to artists. 
  • Keep the #Im4thearts community up to date on progress and ask for help and support if you face challenges. 
  • Have a dedicated team member in your area who will be in charge of documenting activities and sharing them to social media platforms. 
  • Reach out to your local newspapers and community radio stations to cover the Day of Action on 15 March 2020.

Build Momentum:

With less than a month to go, we invite the creative community and its supporters to perform short peaceful creative interventions on a daily / weekly basis. Please document and share using #Im4theArts #ArtistsLivesMatter #15March to lead up to, and promote the main events planned for 15 March 2020.

Make Statements:

Using the #Im4theArts #ArtistsLivesMatter #15March hashtags, create posters / placards with short statements reflecting what you’d like to see improve / materialise in the creative industry in South Africa. Keep in mind the ethos of proactive and peaceful engagement set out in the public facebook group. Take pictures and share them on social media platforms to help build momentum for the 15 March 2020 event.

Get Organised:

Call a meeting in your area and elect media contacts, spokesperson/s, a 15 March 2020 event convener / coordinator, and a head marshall who will ensure that planned events will be orderly and peaceful. Forward their names and contact details to the core organising team at

Be Independent:

We encourage regional teams to select leaders who are unencumbered with institutional roles and responsibilities that compromise their ability to offer independent and critical engagement on the issues raised.

Show Diversity:

In terms of the arts as a way of demonstrating diversity in creative expression and community building.

Deliver a Message to the President:

Looking at the issues raised on the @Im4theArts public facebook group platform, what message would you like to deliver to the President of South Africa in order to influence change in the creative / arts sector / industry? Design your build-up engagements around these issues in preparation for creative activations on the 15th of March 2020.


View attached summary list of issues raised on the @Im4theArts public facebook group platform, #Iam4theArts Points Raised for the DSAC


Document downloads: